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Here are some new books added to our collection this week:

Home Mortgage Law Primer, 3d
(Margaret C. Jasper)
KF695 .F69 2009

The Human Rights of Non-Citizens
(David Weissbrodt)
K3240 .W452 2008

Hijab and The Republic: Uncovering the French Headscarf Debate
(Bronwyn Winter)
GT2112 .W56 2008

Fanatical Schemes: Proslavery Rhetoric and the Tragedy of Consensus
(Patricia Roberts-Miller)
E449 .R635 2009

Living Constitution, Dying Faith: Progressivism and the New Science of Jurisprudence
(Bradley C. S. Watson)
KF5130 .W38 2009

Lawyers in the Dock: Learning from Attorney Disciplinary Proceedings
(Richard L. Abel)
KFN5076.5 .A2 A73 2008

The Province of Jurisprudence Democratized
(Allan C. Hutchinson)
K230 .H88 A37 2009

The Prisoners’ Dilemma: Political Economy and Punishment in Contemporary Democracies
(Nicola Lacey)
HV8705 .L33 2008

Women, Family and Gender in Islamic Law
(Judith E. Tucker)
KBP526.3 .T83 2008

William Blackstone: Law and Letters in the Eighteenth Century
(Wilfrid Prest)
KD621 .B58 P74 2008

Land, Power and Economics on the Frontier of Upper Canada
(John Clarke)
F1003 .C3 2001

Demystifying Legal Reasoning
(Larry Alexander and Emily Sherwin)
K213 .A425 2008

The Genesis of the GATT
(Douglas A. Irwin et. al.)
K4609.5 .I79 2008

Jus Post Bellum: Towards a Law of Transition from Conflict to Peace
(Carsten Stahn and Jann K. Kleffner)
KZ6740 .J87 2008

The Morality of Embryo Use
(Louis M. Guenin)
QM608 .G84 2008

The Legacy of H.L.A. Hart: Legal, Political and Moral Philosophy
(Matthew H. Kramer et. al.)
K235 .L434 2008

Privacy: The Lost Right
(Jon L. Mills)
KF1262 .M55 2008

Judgment Calls: Principle and Politics in Constitutional Law
(Daniel A. Farber and Suzanna Sherry)
KF8840 .F37 2009

The Courts and Standards-Based Education Reform
(Benjamin Michael Superfine)
KF4150 .S87 2008

The Economics of Lawmaking
(Francesco Parisi and Vincy Fon)
K3316 .P37 2009

Federal Judges Revealed
(William Domnarski)
KF372 .D66 2009

Corporate Governance in Japan: Institutional Change and Organizational Diversity
(Masahiko Aoki et. al.)
HD2741 .C77565 2007

Law and the Limits of Reason
(Adrian Vermeule)
K212 .V47 2009

Cyberthreats: The Emerging Fault Lines of the Nation State
(Susan W. Brenner)
K5250 .B74 2009

Practising Law Institute:

Eighth Annual Institute on Securities Regulation in Europe: A Contrast in EU and U. S. Provisions
K1114 .A15 P585 2009

Preparation of Annual Disclosure Documents 2009
KF1449 .P74 2009 v. 1 and v. 2


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