A new site for jobs?

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The Wall Street Journal Law Blog recently discussed a new job site called JD Match and described it as a way to “link law students looking for jobs with hiring law firms without a lot of the wasted time, effort, expense and overall agony brought on by the current law-school hiring process, with its interviews and fly-backs and courtship and disappointment.”

Copying from Wikipedia is bad

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Read the following WD Kentucky decision to find out more. 

Thanks to the Legal Writing Professor Blog

5 Myths about the “Information Age”

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From the Chronicle of Higher Education (4/17/11):

5 Myths about the “Information Age:”

  1. “The book is dead.”
  2. “We have entered the information age.”
  3. “All information is now available online.”
  4. “Libraries are obsolete.”
  5. “The future is digital.”

Read the full article at http://chronicle.com/article/5-Myths-About-the-Information/127105/

Clean up messy data

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with Google Refine.  You can read more about Refine here.

Thanks to bespacific.com

New Laws for the New Year

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The National Conference of State Legislatures website has released a information on new state legislation taking affect in the new year.

Thanks to bespacific.com

Google Maps feature

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According to Legal Blog Watch:

You can see foreclosure sales in your home town and all over the U.S. through Google Maps. Who knew? Here’s how it works:

1. Enter a town or city name into Google Maps.
2. Go to the “More” drop-down box at the top of the map and select the “Real Estate” box.
3. All homes for sale will appear, but then go to the options menu on the left and select “Foreclosure” (and deselect “For Sale”).

New Google Feature

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Google now offers a new advanced feature function that allows you to limit your results by reading level. 

To limit your search results to a specific reading level, follow these steps:

  1. On the search results page, click Advanced Search below the search box.
  2. Next to “Reading level” within the “Need more tools” section, select your desired reading level (basic, intermediate, or advanced) or choose to show all results annotated with reading levels.
  3. Click Advanced search at the bottom of the page.
  4. At any time, you can click the X in the right corner of the blue bar beneath the search box to go back to seeing all results.


C-SPAN Video Library online

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From the Legal Blog Watch:  C-Span has placed virtually every minute of its 23 years of video archives on the Internet.  The “C-Span Video Library,” which goes back to 1987, is now available to the public and the archive is fully searchable.

Law Library of Congress on YouTube and iTunes

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The Law Library of Congress has posted some interesting legal debates on its YouTube channel.

You can also search for their videos on iTunes.

Google Scholar offers Case Law

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Google Scholar has added a free database to its site allowing one to search case law.  Be Spacific has more information.

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