New NY Ethics Rule

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According to the United States Law Week: “In-house attorneys who are licensed somewhere other than New York may now legally perform nonlitigation work in New York under a special in-house counsel registration rule that took effect April 20. The new rule, codified at Title 22 New York Rules and Regulations §§522.1 et seq., allows out-of-state lawyers who are in good standing elsewhere to perform limited legal services in New York on behalf of their employer, so long as the lawyers pay the state’s $375 biennial registration fee, promise to abide by the rules governing New York lawyers, and agree to submit to local disciplinary regulation.”

NY Courts E-Filing System

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 The New York State Unified Court System has established NYSCEF, a program that permits the filing of legal papers by electronic means with the County Clerk and the courts in certain case types in designated venues, as well as electronic service of papers in those cases. A demonstration video designed to familiarize filers with its functionality is available at For more information contact NYSCEF’s Resource Center: 646-386-3033 –

Thanks to The Office of Public Affairs of the New York State Unified Court System.

Addition to NY Court Rules

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The WSJ law blog and NY Times are reporting that New York is about to add a new court rule “that would bar cases from being assigned to a judge if any of the participants in the case donated $2,500 or more to the judge in the preceding 2 years.”

Attorney advertising news

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According to the WSJ Law Blog

“Attorneys in New York should have a bit more creative license after the Supreme Court on Monday decided not to intervene in a case (Alexander v Cahill) that concerned the constitutionality of state rules designed to ban attorney ads that contain unverifiable claims, including the use of nicknames or mottoes that imply an attorney’s ability to obtain results.”

NY No-fault divorce law

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Bills related to the recently passed NY no-fault divorce law:

  • A9753A/S3890
  • A10984/S8390 and A11576/S8391
  • A7569-A/S4532-A

You can look at the text of these bills at:

NYS Senate Controversy Documents

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The fight over control in the Senate has generated many lawsuits. We thought it would be a great idea to put all the lawsuits and corresponding documents into one place. Here it is:

Lieutenant Governor Docs

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The New York newspapers have made mention of various documents regarding the legality of the appointment of the lieutenant governor. You can read a copy of the Public Officers Law §31 (now §43) from 1892. Also you might want to look at an excerpt from the 1989 Law Revision Commission report concerning filling a vacancy in the Office of the Lieutenant Governor-Alternatives.

Debt and bar admission

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Can massive debt prevent you from being admitted to the NYS Bar?  The NY Times wrote an interesting article yesterday on that topic. 

Thanks to the Legal Blog Watch.

Helping NY Solo and Small Firm Practitioners

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The NYSBA released a report this week outlining how it would support solo and small firm practitioners.  Last year, a NYSBA special committee was charged with outlining issues that affect solo and small firm practitioners.  You can view a copy of the report here.

Thanks to Sui Generis and Sienko Law Office blog.

Office of Taxpayer Accountability

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NYS Governor Paterson announced the creation of the Office of Taxpayer Accountability.  This new office will save taxpayers money by lowering costs, sharing services, eliminating duplication, improving service delivery, limiting unnecessary and unfunded mandates and attacking waste, fraud, and abuse.  You can read the full press release here.

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