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From the CourtListener site: “The goal of the site is to create a free and competitive real time alert tool for the U.S. judicial system. At present, the site has daily information regarding all precedential opinions issued by the 13 federal circuit courts and the Supreme Court of the United States. Each day, we also have the non-precedential opinions from all of the Circuit courts except the D.C. Circuit. This means that by 5:10pm PST, the database will be updated with the opinions of the day, with custom alerts going out shortly thereafter.”

Thanks to


Recent HeinOnline Enhancements

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eTOC alerts – Now Available!

Electronic table of contents will now be included with MyHein title alerts. This means that your MyHein title alert email, which will now be called eTOC alerts, will include an electronic table of contents, which will include a direct link to each article referenced in the table of contents. Click here to learn more about creating eTOC alerts, or click here to learn more about MyHein Accounts.


Ever wonder what’s included in a library that is listed on your list of

subscribed libraries on the HeinOnline welcome page?

The HeinOnline Welcome Page, which lists your library’s subscribed collections, now includes a question mark icon. Click the question mark icon to reveal a brief summary of the collection to find out what’s included in that collection.

Authenticating Online Sources

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The Volokh Conspiracy had an interesting a post today about Griffin v. State, decided by Maryland’s highest court on April 28 describing how the authentication rules play out with regard to online sources.

Researching Middle Eastern law

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Might be a little easier with this great guide.

Thanks to the RIPS law librarian blog.

Privacy Tips

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Want to protect your online privacy?  Check out the Center for Democracy and Technology website for weekly privacy tips.

Thanks to

New Proposed Amendments…

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to the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy and Criminal Procedure and the Federal Rules of Evidence can be found here.  Thanks to the United States Law Week.

New NY Ethics Rule

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According to the United States Law Week: “In-house attorneys who are licensed somewhere other than New York may now legally perform nonlitigation work in New York under a special in-house counsel registration rule that took effect April 20. The new rule, codified at Title 22 New York Rules and Regulations §§522.1 et seq., allows out-of-state lawyers who are in good standing elsewhere to perform limited legal services in New York on behalf of their employer, so long as the lawyers pay the state’s $375 biennial registration fee, promise to abide by the rules governing New York lawyers, and agree to submit to local disciplinary regulation.”

Restricted Access to Library

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The Reading/Exam period starts Wednesday April 27th and ends Wednesday May 11th.  During this time, the library front doors will be locked.  You may obtain access to the library using your Albany Law School ID keyless entry card.

NY Courts E-Filing System

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 The New York State Unified Court System has established NYSCEF, a program that permits the filing of legal papers by electronic means with the County Clerk and the courts in certain case types in designated venues, as well as electronic service of papers in those cases. A demonstration video designed to familiarize filers with its functionality is available at For more information contact NYSCEF’s Resource Center: 646-386-3033 –

Thanks to The Office of Public Affairs of the New York State Unified Court System.

A new site for jobs?

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The Wall Street Journal Law Blog recently discussed a new job site called JD Match and described it as a way to “link law students looking for jobs with hiring law firms without a lot of the wasted time, effort, expense and overall agony brought on by the current law-school hiring process, with its interviews and fly-backs and courtship and disappointment.”

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